All brides naturally want to hold the right and beautiful flower bucket on their wedding day. Many brides choose bucket flowers that are right for their taste. This is because flower buckets can affect their appearance on the wedding day. A visit this link will be very meaningful for a bride if well chosen.

On the wedding day, the bucket flower will usually be thrown to the invited guests who will attend. This has turned out to be a tradition that has been carried out for a long time and continues to be carried out until now.

The bouquets carried by the bride symbolize beauty and fertility. At first, the bride only wanted to throw the bouquet of flowers at her female friend. Of course, this also brings hope that the bride’s friend can follow to get married soon and live happily with her life partner later. But over time, so that all can feel the happiness of the wedding, the bride decides to throw flowers at all the invited guests. This is done to avoid a sense of love and injustice.

The bride will throw the bouquet of flowers to the invited guests with a back to the guest position. Then with a few counts, the bouquet flower will be a bone of contention for the invited guests. Who gets the flower bouquet, it is said, will get a mate in the near future. And those who already have a partner are believed to be going to get married as soon as they wish.

Actually, the beginning of the tradition of throwing a bouquet of flowers at a wedding had begun in European and North American countries. Before the tradition of throwing flowers, the tradition of tearing up the bride’s gown had already been done. The dress of the bride is believed to bring good luck in the affairs of romance, this makes the invited guests vying to get a piece of the wedding dress worn by the bride and then stored as a symbol of luck.