There are many people who work in the office and often feel sore in some parts of their body. For that, they will certainly need office chairs that can make them comfortable. One that you can use is the Manager Office Chairs. The feeling a person feels in the office is not without cause. There are many reasons why pain often comes. In addition, there are several reasons why those who work in the office often feel sore. Some of the reasons are

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1. Poor body position
Sitting habits with your back bent, tilted to one side, neck too bent and sometimes forgetting to do light stretches can trigger aches.
This happens because these positions make the muscles work harder until they are exhausted. Finally, even stiffness cannot be avoided.

2. Stress
A study conducted in Hong Kong stated that office workers who are often stressed have an increased risk of aches by 67%.
In addition, workers who have to face heavy workloads each day have a 2.5 times greater risk of experiencing complaints of aches or low back pain.