Everyone would agree if using carpet will make the home atmosphere more comfortable and you can feel the warmth in the room. Carpets are indeed multifunctional room accessories Carpet Cleaning The Hills. No wonder there are many people who use carpets in several rooms in their homes. However, what must be considered is the cleanliness of the carpet. Use the services of the carpet cleaning north shore to clean your carpet to the full.

Unfortunately, there are some people who feel they can clean the carpet by themselves. In fact, keep in mind that there are some dangers that you can feel when washing or cleaning the carpet by yourself. Some of the dangers referred to here are

1. Mushrooms and dust that cannot be maximally cleaned
After washing the carpet, you must make sure that the carpet is completely dry before re-use. However, sometimes the carpet owner forgets to look at the deepest part of the fiber and the bottom of the carpet that is still wet or damp. This situation is certainly a perfect condition for mold and mildew to breed on your carpet. This again jeopardizes your carpet as well as your family’s health.

2. Causes Health Problems
Because fungus and dirt cannot disappear completely, there will be health problems that you will feel. Not to mention, imperfect drying will make the fungus multiply more often on your carpet. This will cause serious health problems for all residents of the house.

3. Causes unpleasant odors
Carpets that have been washed but are not thoroughly dry will certainly give off a bad odor that makes your home feel not fresh. Carpets that are not drained and still moist will make the carpet smell and eventually affect the atmosphere of your own home.

4. Easily Broken Carpets
Using too much water when washing the carpet will make your carpet shrink, causing the color to fade, and damage the carpet fibers. If this is allowed, then sooner or later the carpet will be damaged in its entirety and its useful life will decrease.

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