Ralph. Downey III, Ph.D., head of the Sleep Problems Treatment division of Loma Linda University states that a decrease in body temperature will occur faster in cooler temperatures. However, if you are in a hot room, you are more at risk of waking up in the middle of the night due to heat or feeling stuffy during sleep. Meanwhile, if you can’t sleep because your AC is broken, just call the air conditioning repair singapore.

However, H. Craig Heller, Ph.D., professor of biology at Stanford University stated that if the room temperature when sleeping too hot or too cold, the body will struggle to reach the meeting point so that it can also disturb your comfort.

Room temperature also affects the quality of REM sleep (the dream phase). This sleep phase usually occurs 90 minutes after you fall asleep. The brain and other body systems remain active during the REM sleep phase, while the muscles become more relaxed. The body’s ability to regulate its temperature is also hampered during this phase, so the room temperature that is too hot or cold can disturb your sleep.

Therefore you need the right room temperature so that quality and comfort while sleeping is maintained.

What is the ideal room temperature for sleep?

Dr. Rachel Salas, MD, a neurologist at Johns Hopkins University cites a study from the National Sleep Foundation which states that the best room temperature for sleep is around 18-22º Celsius. Downey and Heller also agreed on the statement by saying that the temperature range of 18-22ºC could be your reference when setting the right room temperature before going to bed.

Maybe some of you wonder why the temperature is that low? Experts say that your body’s core temperature will naturally decrease when you sleep well and will increase towards the end of your sleep cycle. Increased body temperature becomes a kind of signal to the body to get up immediately.

Therefore it is important to keep the room temperature low so that the body does its job properly while sleeping. In addition, room temperatures that are too cold and too hot can also interfere with your body when it adjusts its own natural temperature and makes you restless all night which will adversely affect health.