3G wireless camera alarm is a safety device that can function to keep the house from unwanted guests. This tool works with a sensor system that will detect if there is someone unknown. Through the sensor, the alarm system will send a signal wave for the 3G camera. The camera will automatically activate and take pictures, which will then be sent via a short message on the cellphone number that was previously registered. Great isn’t it? Aside from that, perhaps you also need to check out the recommended alarms 247.

Glass Break Alarm

In addition to safety cameras, home security devices on this one are equally great. Nothing but the glass break alarm or a warning that comes from the vibration of the glass. This tool is used to prevent the entry of thieves or strangers into the house. The application can be placed on a type of glass or on a glass door. When the glass experiences vibration, the alarm will automatically sound and the whole house will know the danger that comes.

Door Sensor

This type of safety may be widely known to the public. Yes, door sensors are already widely used to secure homes. This tool will later be installed at several door points of the house, to detect if there is an attempt to force the door to open. If the tool has been activated, the alarm will automatically sound if there are suspicious things happening at the door of the house.

Fire extinguisher

Although it does not act as a detector of danger, it is also important to have a fire extinguisher in a residential house. This tool serves to protect the house from fire hazards. Therefore, laying tubes must be strategic and affordable from various places. However, remember that this tube also has an expiration date. Therefore, you need to check it several times within one month.