This Digital Video Recorder is indeed very popular among CCTV users and observers. In addition to the price that is quite economical, the features presented are more relevant than other high-end DVRs. Even though it’s not foreign to our ears, it turns out that the DVR keeps a secret that has never been or few of us know it. One of them is how the DVR resets. Apart from that, perhaps you also need to call the best experts of CCTV and Locksmiths Dublinto help you install your security system locksmith by me.

Most of us have a way to reset the DVR or return to the default settings (factory default) using the available menu (the default password is “0000”). But have we ever encountered a case of “forgetting a password”? The solution for most people is to disassemble the case and remove the CMOS battery. However, this is equally meaningless or useless. We have the right solution to overcome this problem, namely with a Hard Reset. How to reset the Cctv DVR as below:

1. Remove the top cover of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR case), and look for the resistor chip to reset the DVR device.

2. The resistor chip is usually coded TP5 / TP6 and is located near the CMOS, X-TAL IC, or even near the USB port. As shown in the picture below:

3. Remove the Power DVR from the mains (DVR Adapter), then connect the short resistor (TP5 and TP6) with the conductor object (cable/foot component). While being held, turn on the DVR by connecting the Power DVR (DVR adapter) to the power supply and turning on the DVR power button.

4. After the DVR reset is on (booting) and a beep is heard once, immediately remove the conductor object (cable/foot component) on TP 5 and TP 6.

5. Wait until the default boot display is reset and the menu display starts to appear.

So few tips and tricks on how to reset CCTV DVRs easily and quickly, hopefully, useful and your CCTV DVR can function properly.