The function and activity of warehousing and proguard storage in general, is not much different from one warehouse to another. That is, almost everywhere warehouse functions and activities are not much different. But it could be that in warehousing activities that occur, there are differences in how the handling is implemented. The basic function of the warehouse is the receipt, identification and sorting, storage, retrieval of goods from storage, a collection of orders, packaging, shipping, and maintenance of documents. Building frames, materials can be stored in one part of a plant or in a separate structure. In some cases, the separate structure consists only of a lightweight frame supported by a storage rack structure to reduce building costs. You can use the storage to support and protect material and make the material accessible. Common storage media are storage racks, bin and rotating carousel. The transport mechanism, the mechanism (automatic, semi-automatic, or manual) is used to transport the load between the input/output location and the storage location. The most common mechanism used for storage racks is the type of lift truck. In carousel storage, the storage media itself acts as a transport mechanism.

Operating a warehouse involves several process activities, and efficient operation of the warehouse depends on how well the process activity is carried out. The following is the process activity in the warehouse is Receiving goods, the warehouse receives goods from outside or inside the factory and accepts the responsibility of them / the sender of the goods. This means the warehouse must, check goods based on orders and bill of lading, check quantity, check damage and fill in damage reports if needed, check items if needed, identify items, identify items with stock-keeping units and record quantities received , sending goods to storage, items sorted and put in place, such as items stored in storage and under good protection until the time is needed. Collecting goods, items needed from the stock must be selected from storage and taken to the drafting area. The arrangement of shipments, items made into one order are brought together and checked if there is negligence or error. Listing of orders is always updated. Sending items to shipping, orders packed, shipping documents prepared, and items loaded in the right vehicle.