Golf can be fairly friendly and can be said to be far from physical contact like other sports, besides that this sport can help us to practice concentration. You only need to find a local golf club that holds golf courses every Sunday, so you can spend time with your family on weekends. If you have a plan, it’s good to pay attention to some of the tips that are needed so that everything goes according to plan. Apart from that, check out the finest pattaya golf as well.

1. Pay attention to your budget

Going with your family to visit a famous golf course or to take golf training will be expensive, so pay attention to the funds you budget. Expenditures for transportation will be the biggest expense, so plan ahead and look for the cheapest ticket reference for travel, so that the budget you prepare is not swollen at the end.

2. Find the best accommodations

In addition to the travel budget, there are some things that are no less important, namely lodging accommodation, if you are typical of the importance of resting comfort, choose the best hotel in the golf course area, so it will take less time to get to the field than you stay outside the golf course

3. Ensure complete equipment

For those of you who are just starting to take a golf course, make sure all your golf equipment needs are complete starting from gloves to sticks because it will make you more comfortable using it without needing to take turns with your family, besides that it will make you and your family able play together.

4. Plan a list of activities

If you and your family visit one of the famous golf clubs or golf courses, not only weekly exercises or courses can be done. Of course, you can take the family to get around and ask about the history of the golf club and you can see what trophies golfers who have graduated from the club you’ve visited have ever gotten.