Everyone wants to have a healthy body without being attacked by malignant diseases. One disease that often attacks humans is heart disease. Now, the disease knows no age. In the past, heart disease was identical to an elderly person, now the disease can affect young people around the age of 25-40 years. Therefore, there are many ways to prevent heart disease early, one of which is to consume pycnogenol nitric oxide. The molecules in these supplements are proven to dilate the veins and arteries so that blood circulation is more smooth. Smooth circulation can prevent a heart attack.

Many factors can cause a heart attack. Some of these factors are:

-High blood pressure
The main enemy of a heart attack is high blood pressure. Every two cases of death from a heart attack due to high blood pressure. For those of you who suffer from hypertension, you should control your heart health at least three times a year.

– High cholesterol levels
Cholesterol is the next cause of heart attacks. Much high cholesterol is closely related to the possibility of a heart attack. High cholesterol triggers the formation of plaques in blood vessels that interfere with normal blood circulation, thus disrupting blood circulation throughout the body.

– Heredity and chronic diseases
Someone who has an elderly person with a history of heart disease, then he has a chance of developing a similar disease. Besides chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity are very potential heart disease.

An irregular lifestyle such as smoking, drinking alcohol, not dieting, irregular sleep will increase the chances of a heart attack. This lifestyle is what causes young people to start developing heart disease. Even though at a young age, the disease will hinder many activities so that it will reduce work and experience for investment in old age.

– Age and gender
Ages above 65 have a great chance of developing heart disease. Most heart disease attacks men rather than women. But as previously explained, this disease can affect all ages, even young ones.