Basically, the bathroom is not only used by you but also your guests. A good bathroom can leave a good impression on the whole house. For that, use your money wisely and make appropriate and appropriate bathroom renovation plans. It can be a good idea to go online for different bathroom renovation articles. Below are some mistakes that you should avoid when renovating the bathroom.

Improper ventilation

Maybe this is the most common mistake that occurs when bathroom remodeling. Installation of improper ventilation in the bathroom can cause various problems. Not only is the problem of growing mold and mildew in the bathroom, but it can also cause problems with water seepage due to condensation in the surrounding room. In general, damage to the walls of the house is caused by problems in the bathroom. It is highly recommended to use an exhaust fan that can remove moisture directly out of the house. The exhaust fan can be modified so it can ignite when the bathroom lights are turned on.

Installation of inappropriate wall tiles

This is one of the common mistakes. In general, the installation of floor tiles requires putty which is most vulnerable to fungal attack. Try to use tile putty to a minimum and use quality putty. Quality putty is easily cracked and can cause water seepage problems on the walls. Choose the color of dark gray putty, not only to add exotic value but also to hide mold and mold growing.

Incorrect installation of floor tiles

Choosing the right tile for the bathroom floor is very important. Not a few people underestimate the affairs of the bathroom floor. When choosing tiles, choose one that has a rough surface to prevent slipping or slipping. The choice of tile material is also very important because the floor is always wet. Also note also the use of quality putty. Cracks on putty or tiles that are not qualified can cause leaks or seepage of water on the walls and floors around the bathroom.